Modèle:Bienvenue anglais

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Ce modèle est destiné à l'accueil des nouveaux arrivants non-francophones. Il s'utilise avec la syntaxe {{bienvenue anglais}} ~~~~

Pour souhaiter la bienvenue aux membres francophones, utiliser {{bienvenue}}

Rendu dans les pages[modifier le wikicode]

Welcome on Scoutopedia, Bienvenue anglais !
ScoutWiki Scoutopedia is a project of an encyclopedia of scouting poweredy by wiki. It is part to the ScoutWiki Network, which groups other scouting encyclopedias in several languages. To help you at any time, there is always a link towards Scoutopedia's help pages (in French).

You can change the language of the interface in your preferences : just change "langue de l’interface" to the one you prefer.

Scoutopedia is a community. On talk pages, do not forget to sign you messages, using ~~~~; this will automatically produce your name and the date. But please be careful not to sign inside the articles!

You can use your user page to tell us who you are. There are a number of user boxes to tell which scouting organization you come from, or which languages you do speak. You can use your own talk page (here !) to talk with other users, always using ~~~~ to sign your messages.

Ask questions ! If you want to know what's up on Scoutopedia, go to our community portal. Of course, you're welcome to chat at the campfire. If you need specific help, feel free to ask an helpful user. You can also go to the ScoutWiki Forum, where contributors from all countries can meet.

Thank you for your contributions. I hope you will like the place and decide to stay.

If you have more questions, ask me on my talk page: