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Jambo (chant)

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Notes-musique.png Ce chant n'est pas sous licence libre, et appartient à son auteur/éditeur et à ses ayants-droits. Tous droits réservés à ces derniers.

Si vous êtes titulaire des droits sur ce chant et désirez qu'il soit retiré, veuillez nous contacter.

C'est le chant officiel du Jamboree de 2007, pour le centenaire du scoutisme.
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Refrain — Couplets : 123

1er couplet

You've got to try just a little, to make a better day
You've got to try just a little, and your hope will find a way
You've got to work just a little, to find the friend in you
And if you hurt just a little, maybe a friend will help you too
Face your doubt with unity, all the colours that you bring
Live each day in harmony, come and sing it


Jambo-Hello, It's a World Scout Jamboree
One hundred years today, let's all celebrate
Jambo-Hello, join together always be
One world-One Promise
One world-One Promise

2e couplet

Why don't we help one another, that's what we're here to do
There's so much to learn from each other, to do the best that you can do.
Why don't we all work together, it's a better way to live
And if we look to the future, we'll have so much more to give
Join the fun, here in the sun, it's our centenary
Everyone, sing along, let the whole world hear us


3e couplet

Why don´t we
(we will walk hand in hand.. )
We'll have fun-together, friends-forever,
make the world as one


Auteur(s) The adventure
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Sous copyright de ses ayants-droits.