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De Scoutopedia

éléments à traduire (Sources)[modifier]

Président : The Chief Scout, Sir Charles Maclean

Secrétaire : E.W. Hayden ; Secrétaire à la formation au Quartier-général

  • J.W. Bereford; (Senior Scout Leader, and Assistant County Commissioner (Senior Scouts)
  • P.R. Blanchflower; Scoutmaster and Assistant Deputy Camp Chief in Surrey
  • Major R.H. Carr-Ellison; County Commissioner for Northumberland
  • Hon. R.H.V. Cochrane; Scottish HQ Commissioner for Rover Scouts
  • J.N. Coffey; Assistant County Commissioner in East Cheshire
  • C.A. Cutress; Group Scoutmaster and District Commissioner in Sussex
  • D.F. Dunford; District Commissioner in Monmouthshire
  • J.M. Elliot; Assistant County Commissioner in Surrey
  • D.W.R. Evans; Assistant County Commissioner in Essex
  • C.R. Griffin; Cubmaster in Greater London Central
  • Sqn. Ldr. D. Grisbrook; Senior Scout Leader in Leicestershire, HQ Commissioner Cyprus
  • Sqn. Ldr. C.M. Henderson; Travelling Commissioner Scotland
  • Dr. P. Johnson; District Commissioner and Deputy County Commissioner in Hampshire
  • K.C. Lock; Formerly District Commissioner in North Staffordshire
  • Lt. Col. H. Mainwaring; Group Scoutmaster and Assistant Commissioner in Cambridgeshire
  • J.C. Moorman; assistant County Commissioner in Somerset
  • W.B. Moule; Headquarters Commissioner for Wolf Cubs and Akela Leader in Sussex
  • J.A.P. Norris; District Commissioner in Manchester
  • D.I.N. Olliver; Assistant County Commissioner in Central Yorkshire
  • G.S. Preshner; Group Scoutmaster and Assistant Deputy Camp Chief in London
  • J.N. Price; District Commissioner in Lancashire, North West
  • L.C. Reynolds; County Secretary and Assistant County Commissioner in Westmorland
  • K.H. Stevens; Deputy Chief Executive Commissioner at Headquarters
  • J.B. Young; Assistant County Commissioner in Glasgow